Photo-game 8

in this photo game every new picture has to relate back to the last one in some way.

Using the curve from the path of the last picture and picking it up in the curvy bubble.

photo game – 3

In this photo game every new picture relates in some way to the previous one.

So I started with a frozen puddle, went to blueberry smoothie and I am already back to ice. But this time it is a frozen pond in central park. Originally I wanted to post a picture of ducks swimming in the pond. Relating it back to the blueberries swimming in the drink…As I was editing it, I found the pond more fitting. The way the swirls on the surface¬† of the frozen pond represent the swirls on the drink.


This was taken after one of the craziest blizzards I have ever seen. It was right after Christmas 2010. Not that much fun, if you had to get somewhere…but it was good to take some nice shots. Like this one here…