Piano in the park


Last year I saw this guy playing his piano in the middle of Washington Square Park…it looks like he is playing non stop. I saw him again during the day this year, but then I even saw him at night… Only in New York…




  1. ulrike · September 8, 2013

    I love your blog and pictures! There are so many places in NYC that I haven’t visited while I was there last year. I just wanna visit again so badly šŸ™‚

    • mynycphotography · September 10, 2013

      Always need to leave something for the next visit šŸ˜‰ in he meantime I’m glad you are enjoying my pictures.

  2. beckarooney · September 9, 2013

    He seems like a quirky character! Nice images and captures šŸ™‚ x

    • mynycphotography · September 10, 2013

      Thanks. Yes he must be a quirky character. I would love to see one day how he actually gets the piano to the park.

      • beckarooney · September 11, 2013

        Ah that would be interesting to see how he manages it! šŸ™‚ x

  3. tqdcamille · September 15, 2013

    He’s been playing in the park at least for a couple of years. I saw him often the last two autumns I lived in NYC. I think the piano is from NYU and is placed on a dolly and moved to and from one of the nearby buildings.

    • mynycphotography · September 16, 2013

      Ah. That makes sense. Thanks for clearing up that mystery šŸ™‚

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