Unusual view of Manhattan

There’s still a lot of lot of cleaning up to do, there are still a lot of people without power and for those hit hardest by sandy it will be a while until things go back to normal. But the majority of Manhattan has their power back by now and most of the subways are running again.

But this is how the view of the city looked last week.



  1. Helen · November 10, 2012

    Wow – it’s strange to see such a vibrant city so dark. Hope life is starting to return to normal.

    • mynycphotography · November 11, 2012

      it was dark and empty. very strange. for me thankfully life is back to more or less normal. there are a lot of areas, where you can’t even see that anything ever happened…but there are also still a lot of areas that need a lot of help and work.

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