Here are my May photos. In addition to daily photo prompts, every month usually has a color. March was green, April was magenta and May is denim blue in case you did not notice. It is weird how your eye all of a sudden starts seeing everything blue around you.



Here is my take on the list for the month of April.



I have great respect for all the people that try to attempt a 365 challenge. It’s quite a commitment. I am not planning to commit to one any time soon, but to me the main purpose of such a challenge is the practice that comes with every day photography. The largest hurdle for me would be to find something to take a picture of every day. So I looked around and found this website that posts a list with items for each day on a monthly basis. Even though I didn’t complete the whole list, I gave it a try for March and will continue to post at least a few pictures each month. Enjoy!