Photo game-10

In this photo game every new picture has to relate back to the last one in some way.

After I posted last week’s picture, I saw a post from Ines at I’monnet Photo. She experimented with some “milk explosions”. Check out her post here. I thought this was the perfect connection to the last bubble shot.

photo game – 3

In this photo game every new picture relates in some way to the previous one.

So I started with a frozen puddle, went to blueberry smoothie and I am already back to ice. But this time it is a frozen pond in central park. Originally I wanted to post a picture of ducks swimming in the pond. Relating it back to the blueberries swimming in the drink…As I was editing it, I found the pond more fitting. The way the swirls on the surface¬† of the frozen pond represent the swirls on the drink.